Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Here a Tomato, There a Tomato

A sampling of what we have harvested from our tomato plants left to right- Brandwine, Aunt Ruby's German Green, Lemon Boy, Jubilee and Cherokee Purple.  Not sure why this CP's coloration was quite a bit different from our previous ones- they were much duskier pinky purple color- no matter- the taste is pure concentrated tomato.  The cherokee purples will make next years list to plant and possible box car willie- scratch all the other aboves- not enough flavor and thick skins rule them out.  We will still plant the better boys and a few varieties of cherry and grape tomatoes.  Still waiting on the late to be planted sun golds. 


  1. Oh we are so jealous here. Our tomatoes have barely grown. Just a hint of color. Enjoy! Yummy

  2. Interesting analysis of the different flavors & textures. I'm taking notes!
    Our heirloom ones are just beginning to turn red now. Delicious flavor & thin skins. Want me to save you some seeds & send them to you for next year???

    Re: my meringue...I purposely didn't whip it as much as I usually do. I was trying to keep the soft texture & have found that my Kitchenaid can get it to a dry, too firm state very quickly. This one is cutting very smoothly, too.
    I hope your coconut cream one turns out just as good. :D


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