Friday, February 26, 2010

The Daffodils are Coming!!!

Every year - a small, country church not too far from us -hosts a daffodil festival.  As you may guess from the festival name- there are lots of daffs and they also set up a small craft area where local folks display their handicraft.  The church also sells daffodils and bulbs.  Here is a link to their website.

  It is predicted that this year's festival will occur around March 13th.  Just in time for my dad and stepmom's arrival in Arkansas- talked to them and my stepbrother yesterday and we are thinking we will make the trip together and take lots of photos.  Eager to see what my brother's just a little over a year old's expression will be when she sees all the flowers.

Here are some past pictures from the festival.....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

One of Arkansas' best kept secrets

Botkinburg, AR is about an hour and half drive from Little Rock traveling on US-65.  It is home to the fabulous Antique Warehouse.  Well worth your time to stop if you are traveling through. It will take quite some time to go through all the buildings- have to mention that not all have heat or ac.  Here are a few pics of some of their items.  They also have old china, antique clocks and lots of stained glass. 

An act of forgery

A few weeks ago- Lauren saw a cream colored kitten at the humane society named Pollyana that she really wanted.  The note above was written to me- supposedly by Dad.  Seems suspicious. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inch by Inch

Lauren and I sowed iceberg  and buttercrunch/bibb lettuce seeds inside today.  She was fascinated at the expansion of the compressed peat pellets and pulling back the netting to plant the iceberg (white seeds) and buttercrunch (black seeds).  After planting- we placed the plastic cover on the biodome and set the tray in a sunny windowsill and recorded our seeds and dates on our plant chart.  The countdown begins for germination.  We still need to purchase a grow light bulb to place in the garage.  We read that after the lettuce germinates it prefers to be in a cooler environment- our garage fits that requirement once we add a grow light to provide the necessary light.  Wish us success on our gardening adventures.  Plans for the garden include vegetables and a place for a cutting garden as well. 

The youtube clip is one I remember John Denver signing on the Muppets Show. When I taught the 5 year old Montessori class we used this same song for a spring play.  Sure many of you can sing along.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Packed and Ready

  The official snowfall depth in our area is 7. 5 inches-much more than we ever anticipated AND it was not expected.  Lauren and I have not ventured past our mailbox since Sunday night- the snowfall arrived early    Monday morning.  Judging from the picture and Lauren's comment that she "is ready for Key West", I would say she is as tired of the snow as I am.  I am proud to say the contents of our refrigerator has been sufficient although Cliff is bringing home Italian food for dinner.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Love is in the Air

Okay-before having Lauren- I remember being a crafty kind of gal-since she has been born the only type of "crafting" I do involves sewing and smocking. Browsing through Susan's blog, I stumbled upon a craft idea that is suitable for myself and six year old to make together. Just the fact that it involved roses was all Lauren needed to hear. This went together really quickly. Susan's wreath form was a flatter version than the extruded one I used- I was skeptical about poking those wire stems through the flat ones I found. The rounded wreath came from Micheal's but it does not make for a very full wreath like my inspiration. We are fine with it- and think it would also look lovely on the table for a Valentine's breakfast, lunch, or dinner- or heck- just because.

Pardon the door color- we are in the process of going through new colors to paint it-taking in consideration of the decor that graces in throught the year plays a factor in our color selection as does the orange red brick- we have several different reds and cherry colored chocolates to consider- funny how most of the paint samples have names that are food related or slightly racy!!!! Guess it makes for a memorable name.

Edited to say- I apologize for my inablility to make susan's link clickable- something else to work one- hey- if we were all perfect we would have no room for improvement. Will work on that when I have time to concentrate- Lauren is practicing the piano right behind me and signing- Joyful, Joyful. You think there I kind find sheet music for a tisket a tasket???? Something else to look for.

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