Friday, July 23, 2010

Coconut Pineapple Layer Cake- aka Pineapple Tall Cake

Saturday the 17th- we celebrated a combination of birthday's- Lauren's 6.5 (yes- a half b-day) and my grandmother's 88th birthday.

Cliff made Lauren little bug cakes and I made the cake above for my grandmother's cake. Will admit I am not great at getting layer cakes to look good- took several knife attempts to get these three layers leveled before spreading the pineapple filling between the layers and then frosting them. The cake did require a trip to fridge to set the frosting well- since I tweaked the recipe by adding cocount cream-yummy stuff.

After cake the ladies played hearts- Lauren even caught all the "tricks" in one hand. The children's version was quite a bit different than we usually play- no face cards and different rules too.

My grandmother left one little bite of cake on her plate- I froze it and saved it for her next year to celebrate 89!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, that looks SOOOO yummy!! What a sweet celebration also. We love coconut here, the more the better!! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Alecia,
    Thanks for the kind words you left. I read all the comments on Friday, finished off the M&Ms and a box of kleenex. The blogging world is a very supportive community.

    We celebrate half-birthdays too. The cake looks yummy. You can't tell it needed to be tweaked.


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