Sunday, January 31, 2010

Vintage Tablecloths

Another set of purchases made during my college years. I remember buying these and taking them home. I lived with an older lady that did not like being alone- especially at night- Etta Hogan was her name. She had a home health nurse named Fanny (last name never given). Fanny was full of the best stories of the supernatural nature- I seem to recall she was from a very small town in deep south Louisiana. Anyway- she and I were talking on the huge, screened in front porch and were going through the tablecloths and she starting talking about what a perfect shade of haint blue the ceiling was painted. Apparantly not only does painting the porch ceiling blue keep away the insects - it also wards off evil spirits (haints). It has been twenty plus years since that day and both ladies passed in the early
90's. Pulling out these tablecloths brought to mind some of the comment Fanny used to make that you very rarely hear any more.

My search begins for the perfect haint blue color to accent our pink guest room- I will recognize it when I see it- that perfect combination of blue and green that take you back to your childhood.

Sure you noticed that the cloths and pillowcases need to be ironed. Since they are not currently being utitilized I store them unstarched to prevent insects from being attracted to them. They will be wash and line dried on a sunny spring day this year and either used or refolded.

Chenille blankets and vintage pillowcases

After using one of our guest rooms for a centralized space for unpacking and organizing - I am thrilled that we finally got the last of the boxes unpacked and put together our antique bed (we had to buy a conversion rail to accomodate a queen size mattress) which was significantly shorter than standard beds today.

Putting the room together made me realize that we had some vintage pillowcases- many bought when I was in college and some chenille blankets that could possibly be put to use in the new room.

I really like the embroidered and crocheted cases a lot- it is neat to feel the silky fabric and inspect the handwork. No side seams present on any of the sides- I could not find two other cases I know I have- another lavendar one just like the one above and a blue one with the southern belle stiched on it with a crocheted skirt.

A Google of Kittens Are Coming

Turns out the stray cat that has semi adopted us is in the family way! We made guesses as to how many kittens Meow would have- Lauren guessed a google. Currently Meow alternates between sleeping in the little cat house we placed on the back patio and napping under our motorhome. Looks like she could give birth any day now- we'll be sure to let you know.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Book Blurb

To the right of the blog you will see a link to preview a book which Cliff made for his fishing buddies. Thought some of you would enjoy looking through the book.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ring around the Rosie (Roses)

This rose doily was made by my paternal grandmother in 1990 and was a "housewarming" gift when I moved into my first apartment post college that same year.

When we moved this past July- we did so very quickly and some things got misplaced in the shuffle. I looked for this doily during the Christmas season and did not find it until today. Along with the doily I found some crocheted and embroider pillowcases (collected in college), a crocheted dresser scarf done by my grandfather's sister about 50 years ago, vintage handkerchiefs, some Christmas themed cross stitch I completed in the 90's and the linen wedding token hand monogrammed with a "B" for Lauren's wedding (something old).

Lauren's favorite piece by far was this rose doily. I hope that she appreciates and treasures these items someday and hope that someday she will want to learn to do hand work and smock other than doing her "smocking" on her lacing cards.

I would appreciate suggestions on how best to use this doily- all I come up with is a vase with flowers- I know- not very creative or original. I can see this especially at Valentine's.

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