Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Newborn Kittens- short video clip

Meow has six kittens. She gave birth to them Sunday after lunch - on a boat- underneath it's tarp. I came home Monday to move the kittens to the garage and discovered Meow and the black kitty missing. Used this opportunity to move the remaining 5 without Meow interfering and leaving door open. A few seconds later, Meow appeared with the missing cutie and allowed me to carry it into the garage with her following closely behind. She quickly jumped into the box and all was well. Lauren is having a great time talking to all of them and softly petting them and making sure each kitten has it's own "nibble". The kitten crawling around Meow's back resembles are 10 year old inside cat- OJ- named after a former stray we adopted-Orson- who was named after Orson Welles- they both had oversized heads - at least to me they did.

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