Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bye Bye Bishops and Bows

This picture was taken a few Sunday ago on the way to church.  When pulling her hair back (she rather wear it down) I snuck in a hair bow.  Later in the bathroom at church, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and said- "I do not like bows!"  Climbing into her booster seat in dad's truck- she pulled  it out and handed it to me.  So sad to see them go- but will try to get her to wear them to church and forgo them during the week- sounds like a good compromise to me.  Just wondering when she will protest wearing the bishop style dress above as well.  The smocking plate is Creative Keepsakes Cynthia-one of my very favorites I have made for her.  Thinking she might wear them longer if they are either shortened to be like a top or in the angel sleeves style- I am not ready to give up the smocked bishops yet.  At least she we still have yoke and mary de styles that she does like to wear.


  1. Oh It is awful when they "grow" out of things! My girls are like that too! I love anything smocked and love to have all three dressed alike, but they are not liking it much anymore. She looks too cute!

  2. Awwww, she is growing up too fast! I bet she'll continue to wear smocked things if you do them in bright, hot colors rather than the pastels which we love so much. This blue bishop looks so lovely on her.
    I ♥ her toothless grin! Ms. C. has not lost any teeth yet but she can't be far behind Lauren.


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