Monday, April 26, 2010

It's Storytime- with OJ AND the shop building

I realize the two above are totally random- but I seem to remember taking some type of test in high school that labeled me Concrete Random- so there- we have concrete floors and two random topics- I guess I was typecast correctly.

Today was Lauren's last day at Comm Central and Kindergarten graduation- we start again the first Monday in August.  She really did not want to stay after lunch...... so Mommy took her home- even though I knew it would be a long time before getting downtime.  She came home and helped daddy put up some of the structure of the shop building and then she came inside and read for just a little over an hour to me.  OJ the cat was glad to be included.  Below you can see kitty storytime and some of the shop framework along with Cliff's scissor lift.  You have no idea how glad I will be to have this shop building up- stuff out of the yard and the garage- yippee!!!!  Just when do I start charging Meow and the kittens rent for their stay in the garage......kidding- I love having them there and knowing they are safe and cared for. 


  1. How cute!! My 10-year-old loves to read to the baby and anyone else who will listen. Now I could use that building! It looks like it will be massive too!

  2. YOur little Lauren is so beautiful! Keep them close they grow up way too quickly!


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