Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ring around the Rosie (Roses)

This rose doily was made by my paternal grandmother in 1990 and was a "housewarming" gift when I moved into my first apartment post college that same year.

When we moved this past July- we did so very quickly and some things got misplaced in the shuffle. I looked for this doily during the Christmas season and did not find it until today. Along with the doily I found some crocheted and embroider pillowcases (collected in college), a crocheted dresser scarf done by my grandfather's sister about 50 years ago, vintage handkerchiefs, some Christmas themed cross stitch I completed in the 90's and the linen wedding token hand monogrammed with a "B" for Lauren's wedding (something old).

Lauren's favorite piece by far was this rose doily. I hope that she appreciates and treasures these items someday and hope that someday she will want to learn to do hand work and smock other than doing her "smocking" on her lacing cards.

I would appreciate suggestions on how best to use this doily- all I come up with is a vase with flowers- I know- not very creative or original. I can see this especially at Valentine's.


  1. Does Lauren have a vanity? If so you could use it on that with a crystal bowl. I love making doilies

  2. What a treasure! My grandmother also made me some doilies and I hope to frame them and hang them in my dining room. Then I can enjoy them every day! Thank you for your sweet comment today!


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