Sunday, January 31, 2010

Chenille blankets and vintage pillowcases

After using one of our guest rooms for a centralized space for unpacking and organizing - I am thrilled that we finally got the last of the boxes unpacked and put together our antique bed (we had to buy a conversion rail to accomodate a queen size mattress) which was significantly shorter than standard beds today.

Putting the room together made me realize that we had some vintage pillowcases- many bought when I was in college and some chenille blankets that could possibly be put to use in the new room.

I really like the embroidered and crocheted cases a lot- it is neat to feel the silky fabric and inspect the handwork. No side seams present on any of the sides- I could not find two other cases I know I have- another lavendar one just like the one above and a blue one with the southern belle stiched on it with a crocheted skirt.

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