Monday, February 1, 2010

Love is in the Air

Okay-before having Lauren- I remember being a crafty kind of gal-since she has been born the only type of "crafting" I do involves sewing and smocking. Browsing through Susan's blog, I stumbled upon a craft idea that is suitable for myself and six year old to make together. Just the fact that it involved roses was all Lauren needed to hear. This went together really quickly. Susan's wreath form was a flatter version than the extruded one I used- I was skeptical about poking those wire stems through the flat ones I found. The rounded wreath came from Micheal's but it does not make for a very full wreath like my inspiration. We are fine with it- and think it would also look lovely on the table for a Valentine's breakfast, lunch, or dinner- or heck- just because.

Pardon the door color- we are in the process of going through new colors to paint it-taking in consideration of the decor that graces in throught the year plays a factor in our color selection as does the orange red brick- we have several different reds and cherry colored chocolates to consider- funny how most of the paint samples have names that are food related or slightly racy!!!! Guess it makes for a memorable name.

Edited to say- I apologize for my inablility to make susan's link clickable- something else to work one- hey- if we were all perfect we would have no room for improvement. Will work on that when I have time to concentrate- Lauren is practicing the piano right behind me and signing- Joyful, Joyful. You think there I kind find sheet music for a tisket a tasket???? Something else to look for.

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  1. That is such a pretty wreath! Thanks so much for sharing! I will hop over to susan's blog to see her wreath, too!


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