Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Inch by Inch

Lauren and I sowed iceberg  and buttercrunch/bibb lettuce seeds inside today.  She was fascinated at the expansion of the compressed peat pellets and pulling back the netting to plant the iceberg (white seeds) and buttercrunch (black seeds).  After planting- we placed the plastic cover on the biodome and set the tray in a sunny windowsill and recorded our seeds and dates on our plant chart.  The countdown begins for germination.  We still need to purchase a grow light bulb to place in the garage.  We read that after the lettuce germinates it prefers to be in a cooler environment- our garage fits that requirement once we add a grow light to provide the necessary light.  Wish us success on our gardening adventures.  Plans for the garden include vegetables and a place for a cutting garden as well. 

The youtube clip is one I remember John Denver signing on the Muppets Show. When I taught the 5 year old Montessori class we used this same song for a spring play.  Sure many of you can sing along.

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