Saturday, September 26, 2009

Busy Saturday

Cliff decided to go to Fayettville to Bikes, blues and bbq- so Lauren and I decided to have a girl's day. First thing- we painted the outside front entry concrete a barn red shade then went off to take our flu vaccines we had scheduled- flu mist not shots!!!!

After doing so well at dr's office- we went to Park Plaza Mall and and ate rainbow dippin' dots

After the dippin' dots- we visited the makeup counter in Dillards to let Lauren sample Mariah Carey's Lucious Pink fragrance. We met a lady named Sarah who gave Lauren a pink butterfly bag and a small butterfly bottle of the perfume- Lauren was thrilled.

On the way home stopped by Horticare Nursey -formerly Birnham Wood (P. Allen Smith owned in the 90's and taught classes here- and yes- I was a student every Saturday ). Biggest thrill at the nursery was meeting Tiger- a gorgeous, fluffy orange cat-we will be visiting him often!!!

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