Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Countertop Fitz and Floyd Garden

Thanks to Marty at A Stroll through Life -  I am participating in Tabletop Tuesday.  We change the kitchen countertop accessories to reflect the season- previously- this corner was home to a few snowmen.  Since we moved last summer-we now have ample space and sunlight to garden- so it seemed fitting to use some gardening and spring items.

Here is the corner in its entirety- thanks goes to my husband for constructing the backsplash and adding the undercounter lighting.  You may click on the pics to enlarge them.  I am still  learning how to blog-excuse my inexperience.

The garden pottery pieces are Fitz and Floyd- puchased at Stein Mart in the mid 90's.  Recently saw some asparagus spears at TJ Maxx that would go nicely with this set.  The coke bottle is a vintage one and is included because my father works for Coco-Cola.  The plant is a janet craig dracenae and does fine in the low light location.  Candle and lentil seeds are a reminder to daily check our indoor seedlings.  Here are a few close ups.

Be sure to take some time and visit Marty's beautiful blog for inspiration.


  1. Your kitchen vignette is just gorgeous. I love to decorate the kitchen counters. Your Fitz and Floyd pieces are stunning, such gorgeous pieces. The coke bottle is just too great. Love that backsplash too, it is beautiful. Thanks so much for joining the party. This is such great fun. BTW, I have a new button since I am now hosting the party. I would love for you to come by and copy it. Hugs, Marty

  2. What a cute idea with the lentils!! Love it. I also love the backsplash, boy do I need one of those!

    nannykim at http://spindlecottage.blogspot.com

  3. Very pretty counter decor! I love the lentils and candle too.
    Thanks for visiting.
    I do have A LOT of Irish things..because I am of Irish heritage and my birthday is March, so I always got the Irish gifts! :)
    Loved the pic of your dau doing her lessons. I taught elem school.for 33 years.

  4. I always enjoy Fitz and Floyd and it all looks so nice grouped on you counter. What a nice spot of color in the corner. You husband did a very nice job on the tile. Thanks for popping by to visit me and leaving such a nice comment. Come back again soon.

  5. I love Fitz and Floyd, and yours is so pretty. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Love your pretty Fitz and Floyd pieces! Thanks for your sweet visit too.

  7. I love your decorations they are stunning! I also love your beautiful back splash it looks so very elegant. Thanks so much for sharing. Cheers, Lia

  8. Very pretty vignette! I always like Fitz and Floyd things!


  9. How pretty this corner looks, Alecia!! Give your hubby a great big hug for doing all that wonderful background work. I'm impressed. :D

    I ♥ your F&F...very pretty!

    We've got seedlings started, too, in the sunroom. DH is looking forward to getting outside in his garden again. me too!


  10. That is so pretty! I love your Fitz and Floyd pieces too. I can't wait to get outside and get something going. You are ahead of me!

  11. Hi! Yes, I guess I have not mentioned that before! My mom was a designer and did wardrobes for "ladies who spent summers in Europe" kind if clients. I had a line of my own under her label of more casual clothing and I designed Elizabethan costumes in college. I really love it but I do it in spurts. Right now I don't have a dedicated space to sew so I have to drag everything out then put it back. It is something I do love! I am thinking about designing some cute aprons with matching shopping bags, but only in my head so far! Thanks for coming by! I love the Indiana glass and I'm looking at some clear ones in the same size on ebay.

  12. Alecia, YOur countertop looks ready for spring! I love fitz and floyd. It is always so rich looking. What kind of seedlings do you have?

  13. Thanks for stopping by! Yes we are so excited to see anything green! Looks like some of my forsythia just passed the bloom stage and went straight to green, not sure what that means! We are busy getting ready for Easter services, probably my busiest time, but so worth the effort:-)


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