Thursday, October 15, 2009

Catching up

Sorry we have not posted in some time- we are making a more concentrated effort to get unpacked/organzied at the country house and get the city house ready to put on the market. Also have stepped up Lauren's piano lessons and her reading since she really enjoys them.

During this time-Mark has been admitted to the hospital with diverticulitis and possibly hypoglocemia (sp). Jordan also celebrates a birthday this week. Happy Birthday Jordan!!!

Will post pics of the weekend activities that are scheduled- we have a cheese and an apple party and a fall festival to attend-thinking she will get another use out of her cat costume- she is thrilled.

Still trying to figure out Christmas/December plans this year- wanting to make the trip to Atlanta and possibly visit Callaway Gardens and skip over to Savannah is the weather cooperates.

Well- out the door to get some work done and then get ready for Girl's Night Out with some women from church. Cliff and Lauren will have a daddy/daughter date.

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